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Permanent Makeup

Meet Our Master Permanent Makeup Artist Inga Urbonaite

Inga is our lead Micropigmentation Artist and licensed Body Art Practitioner. She has traveled across Europe to attend numerous Permanent Makeup seminars and trained with some of the most famous and talented PMU artists in the world. Accredited and licensed/insured in the state of Massachusetts. Inga also holds certifications in OSHA, First-aid, CPR, and BBP. Continuing education is always one of her top priorities. 

Inga is committed to provide her clients with the safest, and most artistic application of permanent makeup for the most natural results. She knows how important it is to educate every single client prior to a procedure to ensure comfort during the process and beautiful natural results!

Scroll down to see some of Inga's Permanent Makeup or click the links below!


Permanent Eyeliner

$550 & up

A tattooing technique applied along the lash line to create the appearance of eyeliner. Permanent eyeliner can be used to enhance the eye shape, size, and color, while also creating a full lash line. Unlike old-school eyeliner tattoos. modern methods look super soft and classy.

Permanent Brows

$550 & up

Eyebrow tattooing to create the most natural 3D-like results. Each set of brows is individually designed by taking in to consideration your anatomy and psychology making sure that results are in harmony with your features and balanced. (Learn more about the 3 different permanent brow methods on free informational eBook)

Permanent Lips

$550 & up

Permanent makeup for lips adds color, definition, and gives your lips a voluptuous look. With age, lips lose color and volume, but permanent lip makeup provides a natural-looking color and creates the illusion of "fuller" lips.

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